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This is a self cleaning, low maintenance water treatment system that is guaranteed to neutralize Ph, remove all traces of CHLORINE, petroleum, organic taste or odor and filter sediment down to 5 microns.


SERVICE: Maintenance recommended once per year.




Removes All Traces of CHLORINE.

Chlorine has been used routinely since 1913, but only recently have we discovered that this helpful chemical has the potential to generate cancer-causing chemicals (tri-halo methane or THMS) when combined with organic substances naturally found in water.


Removes Fine Sediment.


Does Not Add Sodium To Water.


Our carbon is made from coconut shells.


Completely Automatic Regeneration.


No Possibility Of Over Treatment.


No Chemical Solutions To Mix– No Dangerous Chemicals To Handle.


Fiberglass Treatment Tank and Molded High Strength Plastic Control Valve.


All McCoy Activated Carbon Systems carry a 10 year warranty.







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McCoy Activated Carbon System

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