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Iron removal is accomplished using our own patented treatment process which combines oxidation and filtration of precipitates in one treatment vessel.


All Natural Water Treatment

The McCoy Iron Removal System combines all natural air and calcium limestone to remove iron, sediment and neutralize pH.. Chemical processes like Manganese Green Sand or Chlorination are costly and potentially hazardous. Manganese Green Sand Systems use Potassium Permanganate, a poisonous regenerative chemical.


Add Years To Your Well Pump.

The McCoy Iron Removal System is unique in that it does not cause unnecessary wear to your well pump. Pump replacement is common with iron treatment systems that use an air charger”. Air chargers, or air injection venturi cause excessive wear on your well pump by creating extreme backpressure.


Air chargers cause your pump to work twice as hard with every pump cycle and reduce pump life by 50%.


Eliminate Iron Clogged Pipes

The McCoy Iron Removal System utilizes a revolutionary treatment process that eliminates iron clogged pipes. Iron clogged pipes are common with treatment systems that use air injectors, “air chargers”, or air compressors. Iron clogged pipes create water flow restrictions that drastically reduce water pressure and are costly to repair.


Regeneration Controller

The McCoy Iron Removal System is controlled by a reliable electro– mechanical controller. The controller has a 12 day clock that initiates regeneration. A fully adjustable 5 cycle timer delivers a controlled upflow backwash, downflow rinse, and downflow service.


Control Valve

The sequence control valve operates on commands from the valve controller. A hydraulically balanced piston glides to a precise position. This precision motor driven valve performs in the toughest applications and is made of high quality fiber reinforced molded plastic for a long and reliable life.


Filter Tank

The McCoy Iron Removal System features a non-corrosive fiberglass treatment tank. The tank has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi and a working temperature up to 120F. The tank is approved by NSF, UL, and meets WQA Standard S-100, and FDA. regulations. 


All McCoy Iron Removal Systems carry a 10 year warranty.


SERVICE: Regular maintenance recommended once per year.






McCoy Iron Removal System

Iron Removal System