Brian Engineered and Installed this McCoy Iron & Sulfur Removal System and

McCoy Water Softener in August, 2005 in Powhatan VA.

When you look at this picture you may see a backwash filter, a cartridge filter, or a may be a water softener and even some more equipment. You may be able to see kind of how itís installed. What no one will ever, or can ever see is the treatment buried within the equipment. The treatment is the part that Brian engineers using all different types of water treatment equipment and media that is available to make a water treatment that works well, is efficient and also cost worthy. Brian's nearly 20 years of experience have aided his ability to know absolutely what chemistry to look for in water to know for sure the best possible way to get the clients desired product water. All water is different, every sample has a different chemistry, and so in that respect each water-source requires a slightly different treatment. So, though the outside appearance of these systems may be similar, they are in fact very different. This is a link to the Home Page.NEXTPREVIOUS