The MacCLEAN Iron Removal System was the name Wilfong from Chemical Engineering Corporation (CEC) gave John McLean’s Iron System when he licensed the patent for the air charger device. CEC was already trying to develop the air charger device, but John McLean beat them to it by about 30 years.


MacCLEAN was the name that was supposed to honor John McLean for his efforts. It was a packaged simple to install treatment that had major marketing appeal. They even gave the name and the system Scottish plaid and girls in short kilts to sell the system. Wilfong doubled the size of his water conditioning equipment manufacturing plant 6 times before they finally sold to CUNO.


In March 1998 CUNO acquired the Chemical Engineering Corporation (CEC). Already a supplier to CUNO for ten years, CEC designed and manufactured water conditioning equipment, including water softening, iron removal, and acid neutralization.


CUNO sold to 3M in 2005. The MacCLEAN water treatment line was terminated. 3M offers nothing that remotely resembles a proper iron or sulfur treatment. The cartridges we have seen are overpriced and very overrated.